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Flower Walls for Hire

Set the scene for any occasion with our range of stunning, bespoke flower walls. We pride ourselves in stocking a diverse and ever-growing range of floral backdrops in a huge variety of colours and finishes. Add one of our backdrops to corporate events, PR events, media events, weddings, parties, baby showers, christenings, photoshoots, promotional and launch events. 

All of our walls use the finest silk flowers and foliage to create a realistic and breath-taking look. Our flowers have depth and volume to ensure a 3D, rich and full backdrop to your photos. A variety of flower types, sizes and colours make the quality and finish of our walls second-to-none. Each wall is customised and bespoke with added flowers to make them unique to us and we have the first of many handmade options now added to our backdrop collection. 


A gorgeous addition to our collection. Classic, neutral ivory tones with delicate and varied foliage touches. Blossom buds, seed heads, and olive berries make this a unique backdrop choice.



Fantastically rich foliage, peppered with ivory dahlias, roses and peonies. Added seedbeds, eucalyptus and soft yellow blossom buds bring lighter touches throughout.



The ultimate choice for any bride or client. Rich 3D foliage and varied ivory flowers built layer upon layer for maximum depth and fullness. The classic palette of ivory and green makes this backdrop timeless and popular. Grey and sage undertones. 



One of our newer designs, Verity is a very beautiful mix of eye-catching pinks, varied foliage and touches of blossom. Fully 3D and full of tonal variety, this backdrop is a statement piece of any event decor.

IMG_2700 2.JPG


Our 3D Lottie flower wall has a rich palette of pinks. Deep raspberry roses, soft cherry blossoms, magenta peonies and a smattering of rich green foliage too. Bright and eye-catching, perfect for any event.



Oh Bonnie blue! Beautiful pale and cornflower blue tones nestled with ivory blooms and mixed foliage. This classic design is always a popular choice as it works with so many wedding themes. Alliums, peonies, roses, gypsophila with eucalyptus make a gorgeous backdrop for your event photos.



Our Florence wall is the perfect romantic mix of pale pinks and ivory tones with eucalyptus foliage. A classic blend of pink and sage, Florence showcases foliage accents, whilst still being classically floral in palette and style. A timeless choice.



Stephanie is a flower-foliage hybrid backdrop. A great choice for more of a meadow-like, springtime feel with unstructured blooms and rich foliage. Sage greens with accents of rust and burgundy foliage, hinting at autumns past. Soft pastels in peach, yellow, mauve and pink. Very adaptable to your theme by adding more of your colours for a bespoke choice.



Our Lucia wall is rich, bold and full of warm tones. Deep reds contrast with softer pinks and foliage accents. Added layers of ivy and woodland foliage for a fully 3D effect. Perfect for Valentines, Christmas, branded events and seasonal weddings too.



Dense foliage and varied ivory blooms, with accents of grey to create contrast and depth.



All the pinks. Amy is a beautiful blend of dusky, vintage and blush pink tones. Fully floral with no foliage added. Extra layer of blossom buds, mini cornflower and mauve crocus heads. A richer pink alternative to Elizabeth and Florence.



Elizabeth is a beautiful blend of pale tones. Pinks, blushes and nudes with ivory accents create a soft, romantic look. Plenty of added blossom buds, mini roses heads and orchids for a fully 3D look.



Looking for a classic, sophisticated backdrop? Tilly is the ideal neutral choice for a timeless look. Ivory and white roses and peonies, with blossom buds and orchids


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