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There is such a huge, continuing trend for foliage walls. These leafy backdrops are the perfect way to add styling to your event. We have seasonal options to match your event and the time of year, as well as plenty of variety in terms of the leaf and foliage types we have used. Our growing foliage range has plenty of options for your event and all can be personalised with branded signages, neons, coloured and metallic foliage and much more.

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Our tropical foliage wall! Jam-packed with monstera, fern and palm leaves on a base of varied foliage, Talia is guaranteed to create the WOW factor at your event. Perfect for summer events, Jurassic Park themed parties, jungle-styled photoshoots and product placement. Talia uses overgrown giant leaves to create an authentic tropical jungle vibe for your photos and online content. 

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This enchanted woodland beauty features dense willow, olive and eucalyptus foliage on a base of varied foliage. Perfectly adaptable to your event requirements by adding floral or branded touches throughout. A classic natural foliage option, without the tropical elements. Perfect for spring and summer events and activations. 



Handmade, bespoke and exclusive, our Hazel wall is an autumnal celebration of rich, seasonal colour. Maple, acer, fern, willow, and eucalyptus are just some of the foliage types used here. Burnt oranges, deep burgundy, fiery reds and golden neutrals. Whatever your event, this beauty is a unique and seasonal treat!

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